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2018 Lincoln Navigator 4×4 Black Label – in a class of its own

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4×4 Black Label (Yacht Club)

 Lincoln Navigators start at $72,555, but if you want ALL the whistles and bells – including incredible valet services – you have to own a Navigator Black Label.  A Black Label Navigator comes in three separate themes with distinct designer styling for each along with exclusive personal service membership privileges.

Last week were rolling high style through Hill Country driving a 2018 Lincoln Navigator 4×4 Black Label – Yacht Club themein exclusive Chroma Crystal Blue color featuring a Coastal Blue Venetian and Blue Bay Alpine leather interior complemented by whitewashed teak appliques.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label

Cutting to the chase, our test Navigator Black Label 4×4 had a MSRP of $93,705.  It came with just two extras: the distinctive Chroma Crystal Blue exterior and the absolutely decadent Perfect Position Seats with not 10-way, not 24-way, but a whopping 30-way power adjustment system.

With delivery, our Navigator Black Label 4×4 stickered at $97,900.

This baby was a looker and got lots of admiring looks back.  In fact, some three weeks later, we still have folks coming by and asking if we still have that ‘awesome Blue Navigator’.  Alas, we do not – but sure wish we did.


2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Perfect Position Seating

Already getting a ride ‘in a class of its own’ – adding Perfect Position Seating with heating, ventilation and massage – brought our ride experience to yet another level.  Pay close attention as we describe how they work – you may need to take notes – we did.

Perfect Position Seating comes in three levels 10-, 24- and 30-way. We had the 30-way adjustable system.  Each seat, driver and passenger is a ‘system’ – independent functions in a suspension layered with foam to optimize the seating experience.  One unique feature that stood out was the dual extending thigh cushions on each seat.  They are independently adjustable: extended, moved up and moved down.  Being tall and big, those were winners with us.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label

Ok, so here are the 30 settings:  6 to adjust track, 2 for recline, 4 head restraint, 2 upper back bolster, 4 lumbar support, 2 lower back bolster, 2 cushion bolster and 4 ways to adjust the thigh support.  You almost need a scorecard to figure these out.  When you do – and you will – you are in ride heaven.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Revel Ultima Audio

So, now that we are powering down the highway in a supreme ride condition, we need some ‘tunes’.

Navigator Black Label has that base covered superbly as well with the Revell Ultima Audio system featuring 20 speakers and their largest subwoofer ever.  There are three distinct listening modes, Stereo, Audience and On-Stage.  Audience does a really good imitation of a concert experience.  But the best of the trio is the On-Stage which artfully uses the 20-speakers to put you in the middle of the sound experience.  You will love it.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Speed-Dependent Adaptive Headlamps

We do a fair amount of night driving here in Hill Country Texas where visibility varies considerably mile- for-mile.  Navigator’s Speed-Dependent Adaptive Headlamps provide a wider spread of bright (LED) light at slower speeds such as in neighborhoods where the ‘unexpected’ can occur quickly from the close-in side of the road.  At higher speeds, the headlight beam narrows to reach further down the road (highways) where vehicle speed can make further away ‘unexpected’ much closer than its distance suggests.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Full LED Lighting

The Navigator has LED lighting everywhere for both safety and convenience.  That includes Fog Lights, Sequential Tail Lights, Approach and Farewell lighting, Illuminated Power Running Boards and plenty of light inside including all three-rows of seating and cargo area as well.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Navigator Tows too

If you are going to tow that high-end boat or travel trailer with your Navigator, you will appreciate that – with its 450 horsepower and 510 ft.-lbs. torque – this Navigator is a workhorse too.  Equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift and Drive Mode Selection, Trailer Sway Control, Class IV Trailer Tow Package, Trailer Backup Assist with Hitch Assist and 360-degree camera – it makes getting the tow load exactly where you want it a ‘piece of cake’.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Other Features of Note

Several other notable features include Panoramic Vista Roof, 12-inch configurable instrument cluster, 10-inch Centerstack Screen, Sync3 with Alexa, Wireless Charging, Voice Activated Navigation and 4G modem with WIFI, customizable Head-Up Display plus plenty of power connectivity with six USB ports, four 12-volt power outlets and a 110-volt plug.

Also, included or available are an independent second-row seating entertainment system, the largest second row console you have ever seen and an adaptable shelf system for cargo behind the third row.

To see all of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label line, go here:  https://www.lincoln.com/luxury-suvs/navigator/models/blacklabel/

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label
Black Label Membership

As we noted, the Black Label editions come in three themes.   The other two are the Chalet featuring Espresso and Alpine Venetian leathers with deep Silverwood Appliques and the Destination with vintage Mahogany Red Venetian leather, a unique diamond weave on the seats and smooth khaya wood applique accents.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 Black Label

Membership, of course, has its privileges.  Some of them include dedicated personnel assignment, extended premium services and maintenance coverage, anytime car washing, annual vehicle detailing and a special Culinary Collection membership with access to very select restaurants across the country – plus a lot more.  For more information on Black Label Membership visit: https://www.lincoln.com/black-label/.

All of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator models can be see here: https://www.lincoln.com/luxury-suvs/navigator/.

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