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2019 Ram HD pricing announced at Las Vegas first drive event


In January we reported on the debut of the new and improved 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickup lineup at the Detroit Auto Show.  But pricing and other details were yet to be announced.

That report can be found here:  https://ticket-1994427.inwheeltime.com/2019-ram-hd-is-heavy-duty/

As we write this story, members of the inwheeltime.com team are in Las Vegas, Nevada at the media ‘first drive’ of the new Ram HD lineup where the pricing has just been released.

We are unable to give you driving impressions and performance details from our test drives until February 28, but we do have that pricing for you now.

2019 Ram HD
2019 Ram HD Pricing

The pricing announcement highlights the very comprehensive mix of new Ram 2500 HD and 3500 HD trucks for 2019 that will offer 29 different models and configurations in the Ram 2500 and 28 in the Ram 3500.

“In launching the new 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickups and Chassis Cab trucks, we knew it was important to offer class-leading capability, features and technology. But it’s also important to offer our great products at a competitive price,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Truck Brand – FCA. “We feel that we’ve delivered the right mix that Ram Truck customers – across a broad spectrum — will appreciate.”  

Here are the highlights. 

2019 Ram HD
Ram 2500 HD

The new 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickup will start at a MSRP of $33,395. That is for a Ram 2500 4×2 Regular Cab Tradesman with Long Wheel Base powered by the standard 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. 

At the top of the Ram 2500 line, the 4×4 Mega Cab Limited with Short Wheel Base – also with the 6.4L HEMI V8 and 8-speed automatic – will set you back $65,700.

Across the six trim levels for the 2019 Ram 2500 HD, the entry MSRP prices are:

  • TRADESMAN Reg Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $33,395
  • BIG HORN Reg Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $37,645
  • LARAMIE Crew Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $49,100
  • POWER WAGON Crew Cab with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $52,900
  • LONGHORN Crew Cab with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $56,300
  • LIMITED Crew Cab with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $61,300

Delivery is $1,695. Upgrade from a Crew Cab to a Mega Cab is $1,500 and going to a 4×4 configuration – add $2,900.

2019 Ram HD
Ram 3500 HD

Moving up to the Ram 3500 HD, a 4×2 Regular Cab Tradesman with Long Wheel Base starts at MSRP $34,845 and tops out at $67,050 for the Ram 3500 HD 4×4 Mega Cab Limited Short Wheel Base with a 12-inch Uconnect 4C touchscreen.  Again, pricing is based on the 6.4L HEMI V8 with 8-speed automatic power train. 

There are just five trim levels for the 2019 Ram 3500 HD. The entry MSRP prices are:

  • TRADESMAN Reg Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $34,845
  • BIG HORN Reg Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $39,095
  • LARAMIE Crew Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $50,450
  • LONGHORN Crew Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $57,650
  • LIMITED Crew Cab 4×2 with HEMI 6.4L V8 – $62,650
2019 Ram HD
Optional Powertrain Pricing

We outlined in our January reporting the hugely powerful optional powertrains available in the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty lineup. 

These are the powertrains that enable Ram Heavy Duty trucks to be the first to break the 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque barrier and deliver the class leading 35,100 pounds of tow and 7,680-pound payloads.

2019 Ram HD

The two optional engines are both 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesels with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

  • The regular 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine will cost an additional $9,100.  It is available on both Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 models.
  • The “High Output” 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel mated to a high-performance Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission – producing 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque – will add $11,795 to the price. It is only available on the Ram 3500.

According to Ram, their new Ram Heavy Duty sets benchmarks in ride and handling, luxury, materials, innovation, and technology extending well past any competitive offerings due to 35 all-new and 21 class-exclusive features. 

2019 Ram HD

We spoke to some of them in that January report including better ride quality than competitors’ trucks, made possible by a five-link coil suspension or optional air suspension on Ram 2500 and a supplemental air bag suspension option on Ram 3500.

They pointed, in particular, to the new features and technologies that make hitching trailers easier and provide confidence while towing.  Some of those new features include adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning, both with full stop while towing, 360-degree surround-view camera, trailer reverse guidance, cargo-view camera with dynamic gridlines, auxiliary cameras and bed-lowering mode.

As we told you in our January debut report, there is a whole lot of bragging yet to be proven. But given Ram’s success in delivering the segment best 2019 Ram 1500 full-size truck this past year, we think they have a high certainty of delivering on the new Ram 2500 HD and Ram 3500 HD trucks as well.

2019 Ram HD

Look for our drive impression and performance evaluation reports come February 28 at inwheeltime.com.

Our Saturday March 2, 2019 the In Wheel Time radio show broadcasting on ESPN Houston 97.5 FM will feature a special call in from the head of Ram Trucks, Jim Morrison, to talk further about the new Ram Heavy Duty trucks.

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