Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro Tiptronic Cabriolet (2012)

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First of all, let me explain the name on this Audi. It is an A5 model with a 2.0 I-4 engine. The Engine is a turbo (hence the T) and it has their FSI Direct Injection.

Finally, the Quattro means it is all wheel drive and Cabriolet means convertible.

This is a beautiful car and reminds you how much fun going topless can be.  This is one of the cars that get approving looks everywhere you go.   Audi does it right, because even with a small four cylinder, engine, this car runs great.  Its eight speed transmission is superb, and of course Audi’s AWD system keeps you from ever spinning a tire.

The A5 handles like it is on rails, as I regularly found myself taking 35 mph curves at more that double the suggested speed without even trying. If someone tries to follow you on a twisty road, they are in trouble. Yes, this is a four seater, but the back seats are useless for adults.

Like most European cars, the A5 Cabriolets fit and finish is great, the electronics take a while to learn how to use, seats are firm, and the cup holders are terrible. Take note: This is one of the cars that you have to read the owners manual to learn all of the bells and whistles.

My test car had a base price of $44,700, but with the Prestige Package, S Line Package, and Sports Package it ballooned up to $57,500. I think they are all worth it. This car was REALLY fun.

Audi provides a 4 year/ 50k warranty, free maintenance the first year (or 5k), 4 years of roadside assistance, and a 12 year corrosion warranty. Great car.

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