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Buick Verano (2012)


With GM’s recent reorganization, Buick has been given a chance to evolve. The Verano has been called the poster child of the “new” Buick. It is part of the new generation of smaller, economical, good handling, and fun to drive Buicks.

With gas prices rising every day, many Americans are downsizing to smaller cars. Naturally, we still want all of the electronic gadgets, and the upscale of the cars we gave up. Buick tells us the Verano is aimed at making us realize we can downsize and still enjoy driving.

Outside, the Verano looks upscale and sporty. Its sleek roofline and signature Buick grille make it stand out from the imports. While the Verano shares the same architecture as the Chevy Volt and Cruze, it doesn’t resemble them in many ways. Loaded with sound absorbing interior materials and thicker acoustic glass than its cousins, the Verano is most likely the quietest car in its class. Add in comfortable heated power leather seats and a great Bose Audio System, the Verano is hard to beat at any price, much less a base price of $22,585. My test Verano was loaded with everything including: Bluetooth connectivity, Mp3 plugs, XM Radio, dual control AC, NAV, and push button start for only $25,965.

Safety wise, the Verano has 10 standard airbags, anti lock brakes, traction and brake controls, and OnStar.

The Verano deserves a look from anyone seeking a smaller car with bigger features.


Style: Compact Five Passenger Four Door Sedan

Engine: 180 HP 2.4L Inline Four

Transmission: 6 spd AT

Highest MPG City/MPG Highway: 21/32

Trim Designations: 1SL

Base Price: $22,585

What I Liked: Great handling, fun to drive, great economy, and quiet!

What I Would Change: Offer a higher hp version. (supposedly on the way already)

Star Rating: 1-5 My take is: 4.5

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