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Car wash, work’n at the car wash….


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Proud new car owners have long avoided the stress of going through a car wash with thousands of little rubber or plastic strips beating the ‘dirt’ out of their new paint.  After all, when the first payment is still in the bank, every little scratch stands out like a paper cut – small and annoying.


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Best way to beat an enemy is to study their ways, learn how the think, learn how they operate, and try to find a weakness in the force. The team at Nissan is taking a similar approach in learning how to provide a longer lasting paint for shiny new rides.  Sitting in the Nissan Technical Center of North America, about the size of a popcorn machine, the team has created a replica of the average ‘car wash’.  Then applying special ‘Arizona Test Dirt’ to various paint samples, the miniature car wash uses 10,000 vibrant blue bristles to beat the ‘dirt’ out of it at 180 rpm – and they do it more than once!

That is a lot of bristling.


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As much fun as it may be to play with, particularly with a nice Hot Wheels collection, the real idea is to make sure Nissan’s exterior paints will maintain their protective qualities while still looking good.  In this day and age of hectic life styles, a lot of owners use the automated car wash with harsh chemicals to go along with the beat down, even if they don’t really want to.

Wonder if the engineers get to wear white jump suits, and sing the car wash anthem while twirling towels in the air?  Gotta’ love it…

For more information on all Nissan products, visit www.NissanUSA.com

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