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Crossfire Battery Replacement



    2006 Chrysler Crossfire with 65,000 miles
Is there anything I need to do different I am putting a new battery in the crossfire, the Positive then negative battery terminals. Does the car need to be programmed for this new battery?   thank you for your time,  Heinrich.

A – The Crossfire is a previous generation Mercedes Benz product that was sold by Chrysler.  The security system may need to be reprogrammed, along with the clock and radio presets.  There are products out there that you can plug into the cigarette lighter that will keep the car alive when you change the battery.  I highly recommend using these types of battery tenders when changing batteries.  You should never replace the battery just before you go get your inspection sticker, because when the battery is disconnected, it clears the memory of the cars computer of all of the onboard emissions system tests.  The car will fail the inspection because it is “Not Ready”.

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