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Curb jump’n!

KKCCJD says – Hit a curb a few years back, blew out my tire on my Honda Ridgeline. Repair place said rim was bent, but not too bad. Nothing that I can see from looking at it anyway. Been driving on it since then, nothing too noticeable, slight shimmy at higher speeds. Now, it’s time to get new tires. Don’t want to put a new tire on the bent rim so I get a used rim from an auto parts dealer from same year/make/model. I get this used rim and see a slight bend on the outer lip. Otherwise, besides normal wear the rim looks fine. Again, this is just a slight bend in the lip, hard to notice unless you’re really looking. Should this rim be okay for a new tire? Or am I replacing a bent rim with another bent rim? Help would be appreciated!   BTW, we listen to the show on the loud speaker in the warehouse every Saturday.  
A:  Replacing a bent wheel with another bent wheel is not a good idea. There are companies here in Houston that can repair the damaged wheel and make sure the wheel is running true.  I would also recommend a road force tire balance, that can be performed by most advanced tire shops and most dealerships.  The road force tire balance, puts a load on the tire to measure the rolling resistance of the sidewall of the tire.
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