2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility grill

A big story in Texas these last several months has been the problem with Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility vehicles and excess carbon monoxide levels in the cabins that resulted – in the most serious case – the City of Austin removing all (nearly 400) Explorer Police Interceptors from service.

Following extensive investigation by Ford and local agencies, it was determined that the primary problem was with the installation of specialized police equipment by third parties in those units.  In installations that required openings to be cut into cabin walls, it was found that sealing of the openings turned out to be insufficient to keep carbon monoxide out of the cabins resulting in illness and injury to some police officers.

As of this writing, the City of Austin – in coordination with Ford – is repairing and returning their fleet of Ford Explorer Police Interceptor units to service.

Though the problem was with Police Interceptor versions of 2011-17 Ford Explorers – many consumers have been concerned that there might be potential for carbon monoxide problems in their Explorers as well.

According to Ford, their evaluation of the problem shows the civilian versions of 2011-17 Ford Explorers to be safe – to not have carbon monoxide levels in excess of what people are exposed to every day.

For customer peace of mind, Ford is going to offer a complimentary service that will reduce the potential for exhaust (carbon monoxide) to enter their vehicles.

Starting November 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018 (13 months) owners of 2011-17 Ford Explores – regardless of mileage or warranty status – to a Ford dealer to have this service performed.

The service will include reprogramming the air conditioner for improved air flow, replacement of the liftgate drain valves and inspection/repair sealing of the rear of the vehicle.

This service will be at no cost to the owner.

The Ford reference number for the service is 17N03.

The Ford reference number for the service is 17N03.

Owners with additional questions and or help in connecting with a dealer to arrange the service can call a dedicated hotline at 888.260.5575

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