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Ford Taurus SHO (2013)


For 2013, Ford gives the Taurus SHO some updated styling, more interior noise reduction (What? I wanted it LOUDER, not quieter) and the upgraded MyFord Touch infotainment system.

A quick word about My Ford Touch. Ford has taken a beating in the press over the My Ford Touch system. Ford says that the new upgrade makes it an easier learning curve. In my limited time with the system, I have gotten frustrated, but as I started to learn it, those frustrations have vanished. Note: BMW still uses the I Drive system that is twice as hard to use, (and makes me crazy) and the press doesn’t hound them about it. Could it be because Ford is an American brand?

Outside, the 2013 Taurus SHO gets a version of the Fusion’s great looking grille, new hood, new lower fascia, new LED taillights, and wider tires. Still a great looking car, but this upgrade distinguishes the SHO from the rest a little more.

Under the hood, Ford continues with what works, the 365 hp twin turbo 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. This engine is mated to a six speed automatic transmission and a torque vectoring AWD system. Ford’s stability-control technology introduces what Ford calls “curve control.” This is where the AWD system uses sensors and brake controls to prevent understeer or oversteer on hard corners. Ford realizes that this is a fast and big sedan that could get away from a driver at some point. Sensors tell the car’s computer when the car may be getting out of control, and the system gives the driver a little assistance. This is one time that I agree that it could really help with keeping someone on the road after getting into a corner “hotter” than expected.

While I didn’t think that last years Taurus SHO was noisy, someone at Ford decided that the car needed more sound deadening. Since they were upgrading the interior, they decided to include more soft touch surfaces and some carbon fiber dash panels to add to the already good look. One casualty, was the SHO’s great exhaust growl, which is now mainly gone.

While I am disappointed that the SHO’s exhaust note has been subdued, I am glad they kept one of my favorite features, the massaging front seats. (Ford calls them “Active Motion” seats and they are class exclusive.) Being somewhat self indulgent, I love to get a massage when driving. Perhaps we can get them to add and Oriental or Swedish massage option on future models.

The Taurus is a great full size sedan with a quiet, comfortable interior, huge trunk, and room for five adults. The SHO version adds better brakes, suspension, hotter looks, and a LOT more performance to an already good car. Best of all, it is fun to drive and reasonably priced with a base MSRP in the $39k range

Anyone looking for a full size sports sedan should check out the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO before making a decision. I give it a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Mike Herzing

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