Infiniti M37 S (2013)

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Alright you BMW, Mercedes and Audi-philes, I have found something that may challenge everything you thought about German engineering. It’s called the Infiniti M.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Japanese luxury rides…not ALL of them, but most, and after a week in the M37 S, I want one.

The “M” takes the mid size luxury sedan right up against the heavy hitting Germans with the 2013 model. Its rounded corners, rectangle, open-mouthed grille and low-to-the-ground swagger with class tell those in the know that you are a man (or woman) of distinction!

The M37 has the body of a 30-year old fitness instructor, the agility of an Olympian and the power of a new age weight lifter with just the right cut.

Under the hood resides a 330-horsepower V-6 that powers the rear wheels through a 7-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive, a V-8 and a hybrid models are also available.

Without boring you with all of the gear-head banter about suspension components, stopping power, 2” sway bars, McPherson struts, cornering G-force and other gobbledygook, I’ll let you read to yourself from the Infiniti web site.

I want to get to the interior. Now THIS is what an interior is supposed to be. Comfy seating for 5 – really for 4, but who wants to sit on the middle backseat hump? The perforated leather seat inserts have a mysterious, subtle shadow stripe pattern that will have you saying, “Wow, nice touch.” They are heated and cooled, of course. For that lucky sole that gets to ride shotgun, your rear speaker sound is delivered through optional Bose speakers on either side of the headrest, just like the driver’s.

If you’re really into the drive and don’t want to move your hands from the steering wheel, then cruise, radio and paddle shifters await your command. Otherwise, a nicely arranged center stack topped with an easy to use touch screen will certainly accommodate all HVAC controls, sounds, mileage calculations, engine performance stats and maybe even a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.

The feature I was fascinated with was the Forest Air system included in the Deluxe Touring package which, according to the press materials, “creates a sense of refreshing climate and natural breezes of a relaxed forest setting.” Heck, I couldn’t have written that any better. I’ll buy it!

Oh, but wait…there’s more. Standard on all M models is Active Noise Control, which generates “canceling” sound from 4 door speakers to reduce unpleasant engine harmonics. Here’s what’s “sick” about that, it works. This has one of the quietest cabins I have ever been in.

Okay, I know you’re asking, “Don, get to the packages and pricing.” Okay, here we go.
Base price on the Infiniti M37 is $48,200. The “S” or Sport designation adds $3,750. The Technology package, that includes things like blind spot & lane departure warnings, cruise and distance controls, among a slew of others tacks on $3,050. The Bose Sound, Forest Air and rear sun shade come under the Sport Touring header. And last, but not least, is the Premium Package that includes Nav, voice recognition and all of the other techno stuff, for $4,200. That brings the total sticker price, including destination, to $62,095.

I’m giving the Infiniti M37 S 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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