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Lexus introduces all-new 2019 UX compact CUV in the Big Apple


New engine and CVT, innovative hybrid with eAWD and new way to own coming this Fall

Lexus debuted their all-new 2019 UX luxury compact crossover at the 2018 New York Auto Show. Aimed at the consumer market of ’30-somes’ – it offers, what Lexus says, is a bold new design, ultra-efficient new powertrains and innovative luxury features as an entry-level CUV for Lexus.


Not only will the vehicle be new and innovative, Lexus says they will be introducing a new ownership option called “subscription’ – in addition to purchase or lease.  More detail about this will be provided closer to launch in dealerships – expected in December 2018.

The 2019 UX – built on the new GA-C Global Platform- will be offered in two powertrain models, the UX 200 and UX 250h.

Lexus did not share a lot of detail in the initial release, but here is what we know.


UX 200

The front-wheel drive UX 200 introduces a new 2.0L, four-cylinder engine will deliver 168 horsepower and be coupled with a new and innovative Direct Shift continuously variable transmission (CVT).  The new CVT is said to deliver the fuel efficiency of a CVT with the traditional feel of a gear-driven transmission.  To accomplish this, the new CVT adds a traditional gearset for starting giving the UH a quicker and more linear acceleration off the line. Doing so, the CVT pulley and belt mechanism can be configured to the higher ranges for great fuel economy.  Lexus estimates a 33-mpg combined fuel economy from this powertrain.

2019 Lexus UX

UX 250h

The Lexus UX 250h Hybrid model combines an Atkinson Cycle version of the same engine found in the UX 200 for the hybrid powerplant.  The hybrid will optimize a combination of engine RPM and electric motor assistance to give the UX 250h fast and smooth linear acceleration.  The powertrain is projected to have an output of 176 horsepower with an estimated 38 mpg fuel economy.

The UX 250h will also feature eAWD which adds an electric motor to rear axle that optimizes power distribution between front and rear axles during acceleration or cornering and driving on slippery roads. In addition, it includes an ability to introduce drag or add power to correct over- or understeer situations.


Further, the UX 250h offers a new Predictive Efficient Drive or PED system (we will call it something like artificial intelligence) that analyzes driving habits with traffic and road conditions to optimize charging and discharging of the hybrid battery.

One element of the PED system is Predictive Deceleration Support (PDS). It uses the collected and accumulated knowledge of driver behavior to predict when a driver is likely to slow down or stop. As the driver releases the accelerator, the PDS increases regenerative braking for more efficient energy recovery and charging of the battery


The PED also features an all-new Predictive State of Charge (SOC) control for the battery. A first for Lexus, the SOC uses data from the navigation system to predict optimal times to add charge to the battery.  An example would be in approaching a downhill section, the SOC would engage the electric motor on the uphill section (saves fuel) knowing that it will be regenerating that battery power used on the uphill side.



On the connected technology side, Lexus says the 2019 UX will feature Amazon Alexa integration and come standard with Apple CarPlay functionality.

The Lexus Safety System+ will be standard and include Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams and Road Sign Assist.  The Pre-Collision system will now detect pedestrians at night and cyclists during the day.


Oh yes, you will note the red interior in the pictures.  It means there will be an F Sport version complete with Paddle Shifters.  Should be fun.

Pricing will be announced closer to launch in the Fall.

As more detail comes available, we will keep you advised at inwheeltime.com

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