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McLaren and US Toy maker ‘Step2’ create a 570S Spider for kids


Taking inspiration from their recently launched 570S Spider, the team at McLaren Automotive have joined with US toy company Step2 to create a unique open-top car model to reach out to the youngest of future customers possible – small children.

McLaren says their design brief for the 570S Step2 Push Sports Car (ok, so it is a stroller) was to create something fun that would captivate the intended audience while displaying engineering and design prowess. Designers from McLaren Automotive and Step2 worked closely together to replicate the essence of the real McLaren 570S with Step2’s Whisper Wheels to give the car a smooth ride while the flat-based steering wheel offers excellent feedback augmented with electronic sounds that provide an exhilarating experience for mini-racers.

The revolutionary 570S Step2 Push Sports Car was designed with family in mind, providing practical support for modern living by allowing parents to carry out their daily tasks or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park without needing a conventional (aka ‘boring’) stroller. It has a handy storage area under the seat that is perfect for stowing snacks for both parents and child with multiple cup holders to house that vital morning coffee (for parents) along with bottles of water and other ‘small person’ beverages. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the stylish 570S Push Sports Car lets toddlers rest their weary legs when the excitement of running around has worn off.

With its enthusiastic spirit to develop and create ground-breaking toys, Step2 shares many values with McLaren Automotive: just as McLaren is recognized as pioneering carbon fiber technology – used in all its cars since 1981 – Ohio-based Step2 is recognized as pioneering the ‘push car’ and its expertise and knowledge of the needs of children and parents alike was vital to the project.

The new McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car, which is officially licensed by Step2, launches initially in Ventura Orange. It will be available exclusively through Amazon.com US in September before rolling out later this year through leading global retailers and Step2.com.

The suggested retail for the McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car will list for $79.99.

Since you will certainly ask, the McLaren 570S Spider open top is available for adults now listed at $208,800.  You can learn more about the ‘big person version’ of the McLaren 570S Push Sports Car   and how to order one by clicking here:  http://cars.mclaren.com/sports-series/570s

Learn more about the US Toy line up by clicking here:  https://www.step2.com/

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