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Meet Maggie A 1977 Vintage Glamper DIY Project


This is the first of a multi-series post about the glamper project by Maddi & Michelle. Post written by Maddi Armstrong.

Who is Maggie? Actually, Maggie is the 1977 Tag-a-Long vintage travel trailer we adopted in December. It isn’t as if we thought “long and hard” about this endeavor. In fact, we actually didn’t even know there were “vintage trailers” in existence! The thought came about one “girl’s weekend.”

We happened to be at a camp ground where there was a “vintage travel trailer” gathering. We met some lovely people who shared their fun with us. After a Friday evening of fun, these people invited us to their “Open Door” evening. This was Saturday evening from 5-7. Owners of the travel trailers would open the door to their unique vintage trailer and invite you in to have a look. It was “love at first site,” for us. We turned and looked at one another and both said, “We could do this!” So…the search began.

1976 Vintage Travel Trailer Glamper
Maggie on Adoption Day

We located Maggie in Round Rock, TX. and drove there to get her. Although we were a little worried about trailering her home, she actually did very well and it, was an easy drive. The following weekend we started gutting her. Although, the frame on the outside (and even on the inside), seemed to look really healthy, we found out differently when we actually got inside. Although, she was somewhat worse than we thought, we felt confident that the two of us could handle the renovation.

Glamper DIY Project

So we continued pulling off the walls, flooring, and all cabinets, appliances, etc. We finally got it down to the outside metal frame. Most of the wood was rotten/moldy. It was definitely quite a messy job. It felt amazing when it was finally gutted and cleaned up.

1976 Glamper Makeover

Never doing anything like this didn’t concern us, we did an enormous amount of research, and were smart enough to know where our weaknesses were. We found a man who specialized in vintage trailers and called him out. We decided we would have him complete our electrical and plumbing needs. We continued with the framing, but needed to call this person out again, when while framing the trailer, the front end dropped and crumpled. We ended up having the specialist complete the framing for us. At this point we are about ready to place the walls (birch) and flooring in. How exciting!

We will keep you posted as we progress.


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