Mopar explores the adventurous world of overlanding with the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG concept for the 2019 SEMA Show. The concept is based on the Ram 1500 Rebel with the new 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6. It is equipped with gear that includes a tent, canopy, solar panel and self-contained cooking and refrigeration units.

Mopar Ram 1500 Rebel OTG (Off The Road) Concept for SEMA 2019

Mopar reaches into the Ram brand to create the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG (Off The Grid) custom concept for the 2019 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in  Las Vegas next week.

With the overlandling movement continuing to grow in North America and across the globe, the Mopar team, in conjunction with leading outdoor equipment suppliers, created this unique reality-based concept for the ultimate travel adventure.

“Unlike traditional ‘four-wheeling,’ in overlanding the journey is the final objective. The goal is to explore rather than conquer obstacles,” said Joe Dehner, Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Design. “This is why we developed this concept, to allow vehicle-supported, self-reliant adventure travel, typically exploring remote locations and interacting with other cultures. This is the vehicle that I’d like to have whenever I choose to go ‘off the grid.”

We would too.


Ram 1500 Rebel OTG

The OTG concept is based on the new 2020 Ram 1500 platform equipped with the new 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel engine.  Offering exceptional low-end torque and extended driving range – coupled with a 33-gallon tank – this truck is ideal for long-distance travel.

In addition, the OTG draws from the rugged capabilities of the production Ram 1500 Rebel, then improving its all-terrain capability with Mopar’s concept two-inch lift kit, beadlock wheels and 35-inch Goodyear tires.  Ideal for long distance travel over just about any terrain as well.

Mopar concept accessories on the OTG concept include a front bumper with integrated winch, a larger grille with flow-through R-A-M badging and a functional snorkel air intake to improve off-road capability and performance. Front- and rear-wheel flares and step assist rock rails have been installed to protect the vehicle while traversing rough terrain. 



A concept rear bumper, adapted from the Ram 1500 Tradesman, improves the departure angle of the truck by relocating the exhaust.

Using the Ram’s new unique multifunction tailgate with 60/40 split swing-away doors, the bed of the truck has been further accessorized to offer versatile utility for extended adventures. 

A bed rack system fits atop the truck bed, carrying a collapsible rooftop tent, which can be accessed via a stowable ladder. Enhancing the overlanding experience, inside the truck bed there is a retractable battery-powered cooler and kitchen unit with a gas-powered stove and sink with an on-board water system. An added rack structure is mounted above the cab to provide additional storage space for tools and equipment.



A solar panel set, which can be deployed at any moment to generate electricity, and a backup power supply eliminates the need for a gas-powered generator, freeing cargo capacity.  A concept hide-away bed step in the rear makes loading and unloading easier. The concept truck is also equipped with an on-board air compressor in the bed cargo area.



For vehicle recovery and extraction, the OTG is equipped with an integrated front-bumper winch, traction mats attached to the rack system and a high-lift jack for uneven ground mounted on the top of the cab.

To make the dark campsite brighter while night camping, LED off-road driving lamps are mounted on the front bumper.


Supplemental LED backup lamps have been incorporated into the rear bumper and task lighting has been attached to the rear rack system for nighttime campsite illumination.

The overlanding purpose of the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG concept is reinforced by an outdoors theme that includes Mojave Sand exterior finish color, unique interior accents and showcases its roots with a Mopar Rebel hood graphic.

One last point.  Yes, this baby is built for overlanding, but the Rebel OTG – with the new EcoDiesel – is still one very fine four-wheeler too.  So, take the rugged route to that destination. You will have a great time.


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