2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

I dare say no driver likes to look up and see those flashing lights in the rear view…or even worse, hear that siren wail because they didn’t look in the rear view and see the lights first.  Yes, I do speak from experience…a lot of experience unfortunately.

The reality is that any time there are lights flashing out on the roadway, someone is trying to do something for our benefit.  It may be a team responding to a life threatening emergency trying to save a life, something involving a criminal, or maybe it is someone trying to fix that dang pothole that seems to be always in my lane.  There are a lot of us driving and we can make a lot of messes out there, do a lot of damage that needs to be repaired, and sometimes be really be stupid with a 4,000-lb. chunk of steel.

Have you ever wondered if you had the guts, on a dark or maybe stormy night about 2:30am, turn on some flashing lights while cruising down a stretch of highway to announce to a driver that as soon as they pull over, you are about to walk up to their car window without being able to know who is in the car or what is going on inside the car?  And you are doing this for public safety reasons….

Not everyone is ready to take that on, or work all night trying to deice bridges for morning commuters, maybe spend the day in the heat fixing holes, or spend the night trying to get an unfortunate traffic accident victim cut out of a pile of twisted metal.

Along with our gratitude, we need to give these people room to do their job safely – for everyone’s sake.