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Over the top – 2023 Genesis G90 3.5T E Supercharger AWD

2023 Genesis G90 3.5T E Supercharger AWD

Following earlier test drives of the Genesis G70 Sport Sedan and G80 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan, we were given a ‘When you have tried the rest, time to try the best’ opportunity by Genesis with the arrival of a full-size G90 Luxury Sedan a week or two ago.

Our test Genesis G90 E Supercharger AWD came in a stealthy ‘Hallasan Green’ exterior with a lavish ‘Glacier White on White’ interior.

Glacier White on White Interior

Superbly equipped with just about every feature and function you could want plus a few you probably never thought of, this full-size luxury sedan more than meets the mark for a vehicle in this class.

In fact, with a few of those features you probably never thought of, the G90 E Supercharger AWD is seriously over the top – in your garage, around town or on the highway.

Our test G90 E Supercharger AWD arrived ready to impress for a ‘mere’ $100,370.  Impress us it did.

Over the Top

Everything about the 2023 G90 3.5T E-Supercharger AWD is over the top starting with a host of intuitive features that included – what they call – Virtual Venue, Mood Curator, and Armrest Touch System.

Virtual Venue is a virtual, 3D-surround sound function that monitors the interior through an in-car microphone simultaneously creating signals that reproduce the sound field characteristics for the selected space. Then, the system minimizes and stabilizes in-car noise according to the speed of the vehicle while delivering audio through the impressive Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium, Audio 26-speaker system that optimizes for certain types of music using settings such as ‘Boston Symphony Hall’ or ‘Bang & Olufsen Home’.

Pop-Up Tweeter

An Acoustic Lens Technology feature optimizes sound quality through electric pop-up tweeters located on the left and right side of the dash pad and speakers placed in the middle of the ceiling between the first and second row, creating a 3D sound experience.

Mood Curator is a set of four different mood modes, each of which can be customized for a high level of personalization.  They enable integrated control of features like mood lights, the sound system, a fragrance system (yes there is one), massage seats, electric curtains and more, enhancing the passenger experience.

The fragrance system disperses pleasing scents throughout the car’s interior. Three different aromas are available: The Driver’s Awakening, The Great Outdoors, and My Favorite Place – provided in replaceable cartridges mounted in the glove box. Scents are automatically preselected for different Mood Curator modes, but can also be adjusted manually.

To enhance the mood and comfort of both drivers and passengers, Genesis has equipped the G90 with ‘ergo-relaxing’ seats. Each seat features 10 air cells on the seatback and two air cells on the cushion, supporting four modes of body massage, including full body, waist, pelvis, and upper body, with three options for massage duration and strength.

An 8-inch Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) located in the center armrest in the second row offers touch-type integrated operation that is the heart of a VIP second-row passenger experience. Passengers can set climate control modes, seat position, massage settings, curtain position, and adjust the lighting via the touch-screen display.

VIP passengers in the second-row seats can enjoy a variety of special features to ensure a comfortable journey. A speaker in the driver’s seat headrest delivers all guide/warning sounds that only the driver can hear, shielding the passengers in the rear seats from hearing unnecessary noise.

The VIP seat, located on the right side of the second row, features newly added leg supports and footrests that support heating/ventilation (air intake system) functions, allowing customers to rest in a more comfortable posture. In addition to the standard recline feature, the VIP seat can trigger the right front seat to fold forward giving a full-recline for that passenger.

Rear-seat touch screen monitors located in the back of the first-row seats can automatically adjust their angles depending on the seat mode. They also allow passengers to use media independently by connecting Bluetooth headsets to the left and the right monitors, respectively.

Over the Top Powertrain / Mechanical

The G90 AWD Electric Supercharged also goes over the top from beneath the hood to the road.

The powertrain for the 2023 Genesis G90 AWD is an Electric Supercharged (48V mild hybrid) 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 that produces a whopping 409 horsepower with 405 lb.-ft. of torque.  It is mated to an exceptionally smooth shifting 8-speed automatic transmission w/paddle shifters that moves this full-size sedan easily down the road.

NOTE: The G90 AWD Electric Supercharged 0-60 mph acceleration is under 5 seconds and has a top speed of 146 mph.

Sport Mode

With plenty of power to go, the Integrated Drive Mode Select provides performance options for the driver to choose from – COMFORT, SMART, ECO and CUSTOM – in managing their drive experience.

Though our favored mode is SPORT in most vehicles we test, this G90 equipped with air suspension and rear wheel steering underpinnings – was at its best in COMFORT mode.

Underneath, the G90 3.5T E-Supercharger AWD runs beautifully on its Electronically Controlled Predictive Adaptive Multi-Chambered Air Suspension w/Rear Wheel Steering Technology.

The Rear Wheel Steering Technology allows up to 2-degree rear wheels to a maximum of four degrees in a low-speed counter-phase (moving them in the opposite direction of the front wheels) and to a maximum of two degrees in high-speed in-phase (moving them in the same direction as the front wheels).

Rear wheel turning enhances both high and low speed maneuverability. A very neat feature when traveling the many twisting two-lane highways of rural Texas

Running on elegantly styled 21-inch wheels mounted with Michelin Primacy Tour A/S tires our G90T E-Supercharger 3.5T AWD was a real ‘road hugger’ (in COMFORT mode) traveling the country roads and highways of Hill Country Texas.

NOTE: Read more about these and other performance features here: https://www.genesis.com/worldwide/en/models/luxury-sedan-genesis/g90/performance.html

Exterior and Interior Notes

The exterior of the 2023 Genesis G90 features a new three-dimensional Crest Grille. and sleek.  The technically innovative smaller ‘Two-Line’ LED headlamp system delivers the same light intensity of previous designs. Similar ‘Two-Line’ lamps at the rear complete the look.

A new ‘Clamshell Hood’ design combines the hood and fenders emphasizing a sleeker look with added benefit of easier access to all the under the hood elements of the G90 AWD Electric Supercharged.

Also of note are the two separately controlled Panoramic Sunroofs (front and rear), Auto Flush Door Handles, Microsuede headliner and ceilings, wood and carbon inlay garnishes, rich Nappa leather seating surfaces, heated and ventilated power front and rear seating w/massage (3 levels) function, EasyClose power doors front and rear and a rear storage console featuring a nifty UV Sanitizer box for electronic devices.

NOTE:  Read more about the 2023 G90 exterior and interior design features here: https://www.genesis.com/worldwide/en/models/luxury-sedan-genesis/g90/design.html

Technology / Infotainment Notes

Our G90 AWD Electric Supercharged did not lack for technology to support driver convenience and infotainment.

Elements of note include a 12.3-inch HD Screen w/Navigation, 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Cluster, Remote Parking Assist, Hands 0n Detection Driver Attention Warning, Wireless Device Charging Front and Rear, the Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Audio, Smart Cruise Control w/Speed Limit Assist, Genesis Smart Key, Genesis Connected Car and more.

NOTE:  Read more about the 2023 G90 technology features here: https://www.genesis.com/us/en/2023/genesis-g90/technology.html


The 2023 Genesis G90 is loaded with all of the safety features and technology available to the brand.

The 2022 Genesis G90 sedan was rated a IIHS Top Safety Pick+.  Although the G90 is not rated for 2023 yet – we expect the IIHS top safety rating will carry over from 2022.

For more detail go to: https://www.genesis.com/worldwide/en/models/luxury-sedan-genesis/g90/safety.html

2023 Genesis G90 Lineup

The 2023 G90 comes in two trim levels: G90 3.5T AWD Standard (MSRP $88,400) and the G90 3.5T E-Supercharger AWD (MSRP $98,700).  The key difference is the E-Supercharger boost to horsepower and torque on the trim level we tested.

You can learn more by going to: https://www.genesis.com/us/en/2023/genesis-g90.html.

Genesis G Sedan Family

The Genesis sedan family includes the G70 Compact Sport Sedan and the G80 Mid-Size Luxury Sedan.

As we noted earlier, it is not often we have opportunity to drive the whole ‘family’ in the same year. Read our reviews of them at inwheeltime.com by going to these links.

G70 –  https://www.inwheeltime.com/genesis-g70-a-great-sports-sedan-you-might-not-know-but-should/

G80 –  https://www.inwheeltime.com/2022-genesis-g80-sport-awd-delivers-both-luxury-and-performance/


KEY DATA:  2023 Genesis G90 3.5T E-Supercharger AWD

  • Model:                              G90
  • Trim:                                 3.5T E-Supercharger
  • Class:                                Luxury Full-size
  • Seating:                             Four (Rear Seat has console)
  • MSRP:                                $98,700
  • As Tested:                         $100,370
  • Powertrain:                       Electric Supercharged 3.5LV6
  • Horsepower:                     409 @5,800 rpm
  • Torque:                            405 lb.-ft.
  • Transmission:                   8-speed Automatic
  • Drive Modes:                    ECO/COMFORT/SPORT
  • Drive System:                  AWD w/Rear Wheel Steering
  • Acceleration:                    0-60 mpg 4.7-5.0 Seconds
  • Top Speed:                       146 mph
  • Suspension:                      Predictive Adaptive Air
  • Wheels:                            21-inch Alloy Sport Wheels
  • Tires:                               245/40R21 / 275/35R21 (F/R)
  • Fuel Economy:                  17/24/20 mpg
  • Fuel Capacity:                   19.3 gallons
  • Range:                             450+ miles highway


Source: Media Test Drive and Press Release Materials


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