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Pizza, Kevin Costner, and Toyota – only at SEMA 2018


Toyota takes us for pizza and adventuring with Kevin Costner at SEMA Show

Toyota is featuring a custom-built Tundra PIE Pro pizza kitchen truck and the custom Kevin Costner Adventure Tundra in their booth at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas this week.

In addition to the Tundra PIE Pro and the Kevin Costner adventure Tundra, there is the all-new 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback plus several 2019 Corolla Concepts, the latest in TRD Pro trucks along with a history of the Toyota Supra highlighted by the new Supra GTE racing concept.

No slight to Corolla, Supra or TRD Pro intended, but we find the Tundra PIE Pro and Costner Adventure Tundra the most interesting.  

2018 SEMA Toyota

Tundra PRO Pie

Toyota rolled in to the 2018 SEMA Show with Tundra PIE Pro robotic pizza kitchen a one-of-a-kind, zero-emission Tundra that makes pizza on demand wherever it goes.

The Tundra PIE Pro was built by Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Center (MTCI). The overall project included cooperation from its Plano, Texas, neighbor Pizza Hut, along with engineering from Nachi Robotic Systems.

“As the flagship Toyota truck, the Tundra is a workhorse in the truest sense,” said Ed Laukes, Group Vice President – Toyota Division Marketing. “Its great strengths are its extreme capability and eminent versatility, and what better way to illustrate that than by turning it into something completely unique—a hydrogen fuel cell electric-powered, pizza-making robotic vehicle!”

2018 SEMA Toyota

Pizza Hut by Tundra Robotically

The project team started with a Tundra SR5, tore it down to a bare rolling chassis and then reassembled it from the ground up to create Tundra PIE Pro – a robotic mobile pizza factory that makes pizza with near zero environmental impact.

The Tundra’s bed has been converted into a virtual pizza kitchen on wheels served by computer-guided robots. Totally self-contained, The Kitchen comprises a refrigerator, a pair of robotic arms, and a portable, high-efficiency conveyor oven.  All of the kitchen components can be powered by hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain of the Tundra truck.

2018 SEMA Toyota
2018 SEMA Toyota

From start to finish, the pizza-making process takes between six and seven minutes. When the process begins, the first robotic arm opens the refrigerator and removes the selected pizza, places it on the oven conveyor, and returns to close the refrigerator door.

The pizza is then conveyed through a high-speed ventless oven. On the far side, a second robotic arm removes the finished pie, places it on the cutting board, divides it into six identical slices, boxes it up, and delivers it to the customer awaiting on the side of the Tundra.

2018 SEMA Toyota
2018 SEMA Toyota

Near Zero Environmental Impact

Toyota is a leader in the development of hydrogen fuel-cell power plants for vehicles in North America.

To demonstrate the flexible capability of fuel-cell technology, the Tundra’s conventional gasoline-powered drivetrain was removed and replaced with a hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit adapted from the Toyota Mirai. 

The Toyota hydrogen-powered Mirai, currently on sale, has sold more than 4,000 units through September of this year.  In addition, Toyota is continuing development of hydrogen fuel-cell power plants for Class 8 commercial trucks.

Learn more about the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell electric vehicle here:  https://ssl.toyota.com/mirai/fcv.html

2018 SEMA Toyota
2018 SEMA Toyota
Pizza by the Slice?

I asked if Toyota was serving some of the Pizza Hut pies at SEMA.  Alas, not possible given the rules of the Convention Center on food service and related activities.

However, I would not be surprised to see the Tundra PIE Pro showing up at car shows and other events where they may be able to robotically make and serve you a piping hot Pizza Hut pie.

By the slice?   I have ‘heard’ that there may be some additional programming and robotic work being done to enable serving pizza by the slice from the PRO Pie.  We’ll let you know.

Kevin Costner Adventure Tundra – built to conquer the great outdoors.

 Also appearing in the Toyota SEMA display is Kevin Costner’s personal custom Tundra Platinum truck.  Built to his specifications – able to conquer the off-road and outback challenges of his Colorado ranch and surrounding Rocky Mountain environs.

“I was delighted to get a call from Kevin asking if we were interested in collaborating with some video content featuring the Tundra,” said Ed Laukes, group vice president – Toyota Division Marketing. “Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and is very particular about the equipment he uses. The fact that he identified the Tundra as being the best truck to fit his needs says a lot about our products.”

The specially configured Tundra has been outfitted with an array of custom equipment to tailor its use to Kevin Costner’s passion for nature and an active outdoor lifestyle that includes his family.


2018 SEMA Toyota

Kevin Costner Customization

Complete Customs of McKinney, Texas was responsible for the execution of the Costner designs in the fabrication and assembly of the Adventure Tundra.

“Kevin was involved with the project from start to finish,” said Complete Customs owner and chief builder Shaun Freilich. “He had some drawings that he drew personally to convey his concept. I made some renderings based on his ideas, and then we flew out to his home to meet him and work out the final details.”

2018 SEMA Toyota

To maximize Tundra’s utility and off-road capability, rugged new front and rear bumpers were fabricated from heavy-gauge steel. Both units integrate heavy-duty Warn winches and LED lighting bars and accents from Rigid Industries. 

A new two-piece roof rack was designed, fabricated and affixed to the ARE V Series Truck Cap that encloses the bed. The rack extends over the Tundra’s cab and provides plenty of storage for all the necessities for outdoor adventuring, from jerry cans to camping supplies.

Additional upgrades include a TRD exhaust, 4.5-inch BDS suspension lift with Fox coilovers and shocks, 18-inch Method Race wheels with burly 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires, and N-Fab side steps that run the length of the cab.

2018 SEMA Toyota

The interior was outfitted with a pair of Lock’er Down security safes, one under the rear seats and one at the center console, and the bed has been furnished with a Dometic dual-zone cooler for cold storage.

Also included is a padded sleeping area for the children and TV monitors in the front-seat headrests.

“He knew exactly what he wanted,” Freilich said. “He made it challenging, but it was also a blessing. Some guys will just throw crazy ideas at you and expect you to make it happen, but he was willing to work closely with us to make his vision a reality.”

2018 SEMA Toyota

According to Toyota, prior to its showing at SEMA the Tundra has been put through its paces, towing Mr. Costner’s boat on fishing excursions at his Colorado ranch and accompanying him to on-location filming for Season Two of “Yellowstone” in Montana.

Watch Kevin Costner talk about how his Tundra fits the Costner family work and play needs:


2018 SEMA Toyota


Learn more about all of the Toyota vehicle lineup here:  https://www.toyota.com/

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