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Pony Wars – Mustang vs. Camaro Continues!

 There is an old saying that it is all in the timing.
Since the introduction of the Ford Mustang way, way back in 1964, it has been the leader of the segment, mostly.  The fifth-gen Camaro made a strong comeback in 2009 taking the lead in sales, until now that is.
The Blue Oval team was the first to hit the market with the sixth-generation Mustang and according to a recent article from Motor Authority, it has now overtaken the Chevrolet Camaro in sales.  Sales numbers cited show 56,571 Mustangs hit the road while the Camaro rolled out 33,982 new entries into the pony wars.
The tale of the sales tape will tell the tale when the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro rolls into the dealerships later this year, presenting a new challenge to the Mustang.  A challenge that benefits enthusiasts on both sides of the line as each strives to outdo the other such as both will have a four-cylinder option as well as the big V8s along with choices between.
Much to the consumer benefit, the Pony War continues…


Images:  Ford Motor Company

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