Snow Plowing Tips From Ram Trucks

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Nick Cappa Snow Plowing Tips
Nick Cappa Ram Communications in Montreal


I’ve lived in Houston for less than 10 years, but not once in those ten years have we ever had enough snow to plow. Seriously. Last week in Montreal, Ram Communications guy Nick Cappa, insisted I get behind the wheel of the Ram 2500, and learn how to plow snow. Ummm…you do know I live in Houston, right?

And, really, what’s there to know about moving around that white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky. A lot apparently, oh, and not only are there right and wrong ways to operate a snow plow, but it’s also a ton of fun.

Snow Plowing Tips From Ram

  • Use both hands on the steering wheel when plowing. Most plow controllers have a sling to keep it attached to your hand, so you can still steer with both hands. When using a dash mount controller, set the blade height before moving.
  • Use the blade float feature and blade pucks when possible
  • Practice increases your hand-eye coordination
  • Unless you are experienced and very familiar with the roads, maintain a speed below 15 mph
  • Monitor engine and transmission temperatures with the center instrument panel. Low speeds and high loads are possible for extended periods of time with proper monitoring of fluid temps
  • Make adjustments based on the type of snow. Wet snow is heavier and may require additional passes.
  • Blade points of contact are further out. Be careful of contact with other objects when plowing, moving between jobs, etc.
  • The blade and structure may weigh in excess of 1500 lbs. Because the system extends about two feet in front of the truck, the vehicle is subject to exponential leverage.
  • When pushing snow into a pile, pull up the blade upon mound approach to allow the snow to pile higher
  • Be aware of where you place or store the snow. You don’t want to create blind spots.
  • In heavy snow, gain some momentum prior to dropping the blade into float mode. This allows the truck to maintain traction and carries the truck’s weight through the push.
  • When not plowing, the blade should be angled down slightly to the passenger’s side. This opens up the front grille for air flow, and protects the truck from accidental contact with a right side snow bank.

2015 Ram 2500 Snow Plowing Tips

Who knows if or when I’ll ever get the chance to plow snow again, but, thanks to FCA and Nick Cappa, I’m now prepared to float the blade, and move the bank!