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Sunroof Showdown

KKCCI am Jake and am 16, my mom is in Dallas for 10 days and her 2006 Tundra’s sunroof is stuck open again. When I go to close it, it closes about 2 inches then opens fully again. No grinding noises just sounds like the sunroof is giving up.  Last time this happened I took the truck for a joyride and it got stuck open. My mom woke up in the morning, obviously knew I took the truck out but she closed it just fine. It had me stumped that a matter of time “fixed” the problem. Any troubleshooting or even a manual way to close it? All the fuses are okay by the way. 


A – First off, Jake, stop joy riding in your mom’s truck without her permission.  Secondly, it sounds like the sunroof may have lost its index position.  To make it easy first, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes to clear the memory in the module, than reconnect the battery, and than hold the arrow button until it opens all the way, than push to close with the other arrow.This should initialize the sunroof control module.


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