Say what you will about hybrid technology, Toyota rules the roost. With 14 years of experience and over two-million gas/electric’s sold, there’s no denying success.

Last week, I had the pleasure of getting the best hybrid I have ever driven, the Prius c. I know, you’re asking, “so Don, what makes this thing so great?” There’s not one thing in particular, it’s the whole little package.

The Prius c’s heart lies in the form of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, albeit a somewhat scaled down version since the car itself is considerably smaller than the regular Prius. And it weighs a lot less, 2,500 pounds to be exact. Although we wouldn’t call it “peppy,” there’s plenty of power to get out of the way of most anything. What’s really important here is the c’s impressive fuel mileage, 53-city and 46-highway – and it get’s it. An overnight trip to Waco and back proved its truth in advertising all while zipping to and fro at speeds up to 75 mph. And this is touted as a city car?

Despite its smallness, the interior is works well with two adults up front. It’s a little tight in back, but still capable of toting a couple of friends. The    contrasting dash colors give it some eye candy and the cloth seats work well in central Texas heat.

Be sure to include the Entune system with your purchase. Toyota’s new driver interface is easy to use and offers the latest  is connectivity

Once you drive the little high-miler, I think you’ll agree that money talks and….well, you know the rest.


Engine: 1.5-liter

Horsepower: 99 total with electric boost

Transmission: CVT

Highest MPG City: 46

Highest MPG Highway: 53

Trim Designations: One, Two, Three, Four

Base Price: $18.950

What I Liked: Fuel mileage & styling

What Needs Improvement: I keep hearing complaints about a rather stiff suspension, but I like the ride quality sostop complaining!

Star Rating: 5 out of 5