The compact luxury SUV segment is terribly competitive.  Every nameplate has just the right vehicle for this segment. The XC60 is a fine entry and reminds me a lot of its big brother, the XC90. Volvo prides itself on its safety record, and the XC60 is one of the few vehicles on the road in 2012 to get a perfect five stars in the government’s tougher, new crash tests.  The XC60 is a great vehicle for families that value safety above cost.

The XC60 R-Design is loaded with a ton of safety features designed to prevent an accident before it happens. The XC60 R-Design comes standard with traction and stability controls, antilock brakes, Airbags everywhere, and a feature called City Safety, which can diminish or avoid a low-speed frontal impact by applying the vehicle’s brakes by itself.  Other cool items include built in child booster seats, blind-spot warning, collision warning and active braking, distance alert, driver attention warning, lane departure and a heartbeat monitor that can detect intruders inside the vehicle. This vehicle is loaded with handy stuff.

My test XC60 R-Design was good looking, comfortable, handled great, and fast. This is not your Uncle’s boxy old Volvo wagon, not even close. Anyone looking for a super safe, smaller Luxury SUV that does a lot to keep you out of trouble, needs to put the Volvo XC6 on your short list.


Engine: 3.0liter 325hp Turbo 6cyl

Transmission: 6 Spd AT

Highest MPG City/MPG Highway: 17/23

Trim Designations: 3.2, T6, and T6R

Base Price: XC60 R-Design $43,700  As tested $52,675

What I Liked: Size and power

What I Would Change: Better cupholders!

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5